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Miss St Barts crowned runner-up at the Miss Prestige National pageant


Tiffany Ledée, Miss St Barts 2010-2011, has been crowned 6th runner-up during the Miss Prestige National in Divonne-les-Bains on the last 4th of December.

The miss has seduced the members of the jury and a large audience. She walked three times wearing the traditional St Barts outfit, then a Guess dress and eventually a swimwear.

The Miss Prestige National pageant is organized by Genevieve de Fontenay who has chaired the miss France contest for decades.


Charles de Gaulle Street in Gustavia revamped


The rue Charles de Gaulle in Gustavia has reopened on December the 19th after months of renovation.

Cars can now resume to drive on the street which is mainly known for its shops, but pedestrians are the big winners of the refurbishment.

The new street is fully paved and there are no sidewalks. Pedestrians consistently have the priority over cars. Cars are no allowed to park on the street any more leave the place for the pedestrian.




A Survey on St Barts


The tourism autority of St Barts is currenly leading  a survey on tourists who have spent time in St Barts.

Two people appointed by the authority will give away the survey to the passengers leaving the island at the airport and the ferry port. The forms, written either in English or French, question the place visited by the tourists, their accommodation, the transportation they used and the restaurants as well.


St Barts: even more air service between North America and the Caribbean


Starting fall 2011 the US airline Jet Blue Airways flies from New York to Saint Marteen via Porto Rico.

The St Barts Board of Tourism has signed an agreement with this airline in order to increase the notoriety of St Barts in the US and to promote the vacation rental in St Barts.

This public relation campaign targets especially the media people and the professional of the tourism industry.




How did St Barts become so popular ?


There are many islands in the Caribbean, but none of them is as popular as St Barts.

There are many reasons for that, and the fact that it hosts some of the most luxurious villas in the caribbean is only one reason among many other.

But other islands could also have been the one, so why St Barts has became so popular?

Being small with limited agricultural potential, St Barts has never been much populated; most of the inhabitants were fishermen:


How to find the perfect Villa in St Barts ?

Now that you are ready to go to St Barts, you need a place to stay. You already have seen plenty of offers on the internet and you don't know how to make the right choice.

There are three main options:


St Barts For Ever

A tomb with a view.

Cemeteries in the Caribbean are famously artistically done with rather colorful graves.

To sum up they are very lively places. For the region, the cemetery of St Barts island almost seems austere.

Nevertheless, you can see how beautifully the tombs are dome and the numerous flowers everywhere.




St Barts Kite & Surf

Here is the trailer of a documentary about riders who are traveling to St Barts in order to find the best place to place to practice surf and Kite surf.

It only last 3 minutes, but it is far enough to make you want to be there.  




Big wave in St Barts

Yes this picture has been taken in St Barts. So the island is definitely not only a place to relax. There are many good spot all around the coast and there also has many clubs.

The best time to surf is St Barts is from end November until mid-April.  




St Barts, a nest for art collector



Charles Saatchi, the legendary advertising mogul and art connoisseur has published an article in the guardian about the art collectors.

The article is overall critical on the art business but we have found this sentence: “They were found nestling together in their super yachts in Venice for this year's spectacular art biennale. Venice is now firmly on the calendar of this new art world, alongside St Barts at Christmas and St Tropez in August”.



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