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The Transat St Barts B to B skippers


Eight 60 feet long Imoca have participed to the second edition of the B to B Transat from St Barts to Lorient.

The next posts will be a presentation of each of them. Here is the list:

Louis Burton

Mike Golding

Jean-Pierre Dick


How much do you know about the St Barts B to B Transat?


Of course, you have heard of the 2011 Jacques Vabre Transat, a qualifying race for the 2012 Vendee Globe Challenge. The B to B Transat is the return race. It bounds St Barts and Lorient in Brittany. B to B stand for Back to Brittany.

Eight 60feets long Imoca have departed on December the 5th from Gustavia. Previously the skippers have run an exhibition regatta around the island.


A new catamaran to link St Martin to St Barts


She left Le Havre to arrive on December the 1st in the port of Phillipsburg, the new catamaran Voyager 3 is there.

The ship has been named “Dreamliner” on December the 5th before hundred persons; the liner has been blessed by father Kaze.

The catamaran is 28m long that is enough room for the two decks and the three cabins. All of this with air condition. There also 8 extra-large seats making the business class. Business class passengers enjoyed special benefits such priority boarding and easy check-in.


St Barts' Music Festival 2012: a terrific program !


The 28thMusic Festival of St Barts will start on January the 10th to end on January the 29th 2012.

The program is very eclectic as the performance range from classical music to the most contemporary music styles.


The typhoon season 2011 in St Barts


The typhoon season 2011 in the North Atlantic Ocean has ended on November the 30th. This season has been marked by a strong typhoon activity with 19 cyclonic events but only major 3 hurricanes.

Those storms have generated fewer casualties than the previous year but important damages, up to 11 billion USD. The building and villas that have been hurt in St Barts has been repaired.

There have been a total of three alerts in St Barts during the 2011 season.


St Barts' port of Gustavia to launch a new website


You can now found all the useful information concerning not only marina but also the commercial port of Gustavia at this address

On the website you can see all the services provided by the Port Authority, the opening times and the entry requirements are also detailed. The captains have now the opportunity to fill a few administrative procedures from the website.

The site also inform about the main sailing events that take place in St Barts.




A female team in St Barts' Catacup 2012


An association, “Les Voiles au Féminin” (Female Sailing), has recently been created in St Barts.

It aims to promote sailing among women and to set up a 100% female team to participate to the main regattas in the Caribbean.

The association has already two sponsors, Privilège and Budget, and has been able to purchase catamaran F 18 Cirrus.

Therefore a female team will participate to the next Catacup in 2012. The two young skippers, Sophie Ledée and Sophie Olivaud will now start a strong training.


St Barts goes digital


Following the rest of France, on the 29th of November, St Barts has dropped analogical TV.

The old system has been definitely abandoned after more than six decades of service.

The old television sets can still be used if equipped with a special decoding machine.




Euro remains the single currency in St Barts


On the 1st of January 2012 St Barts will become PTOM (an autonomous oversea territory).

A monetary agreement has signed on the last 12th of July between France and E.U that confirms the Euro as the currency of St Brats.

Consequently, from the 1st of January, St Barts won’t be part of the European Union.






More taxis in St Barts


A new text ruling the taxi industry in St Barts has been passed.

The number of taxi allowed to park on the island will increased from 33 to 38.

They are greatly needed, especially during the peak season, when vacationers to St Barts need to be taken to their villa.



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