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St Barts Music Festival: Ryland Angel


Ryland angel is a countertenor from Great Britain.

He started his career as a member of a liturgics choir, first at the cathedral of Bristol and then at the cathedral of Chester.

Ryland Angel began to study law, but he rapidly focused on his real passion, singing.

During his brilliant career, he participated to many prestigious concert, giving him the opportunity to share works with famous artists.


St Barts Music Festival: Denyce Graves


Denyce Graves is presently one of the most renowed mezzo-soprano. She sang at the orchestral evening on January the 11th and for the opera evening on January the 13th in the church of Lorient.

She was first educated at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington and later at the New England conservatory. During her career, she sang on the most prestigious scene in the world, from the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, to the Opera de Paris or the Royal Opera House in London, to name a few.


St Barts Music Festival: The Jerusalem String Quartet


The Jerusalem String Quartet is a string quatet. It is composed of Alexander Pavlovsky, Sergei Bresler, Ori Kam and Kyril Zlotnikov, and they play with pianist Alexander Melnikov.

Originally, the quartet played slave music, the formation is internationally renowned and play all over the world.

Their last LP was released by Harmonia Mundi and received many prizes, giving the quartet an even larger fame.


A music festival in St Barts with excellence !


Each year, the St Barts Music Festival hosts first class artists for an eclectic program.

Some artists are now regular participants to these musical evening. Others come for the first time at the 28th edition of the festival.

Over the days to come we will present you, theJerusalem String Quartet, Denyce Graves, Ryland Angel, Coline-Marie Orliac, Brad Whitford, Steven Labrie, Russ Irwin, Johnny Lang and Chris Layton.




“The little pilchard and the coral flower” in St Barts


François Gréaux published her second novel named “The little pilchard and the old pelican”.

The author has been in charge of the library of St Barts for about 22 years. She has always worked to teach the younger generations the history of St Barts.

After her first book in 2010 “the beautiful story of Dorsie”, she keeps on her works with this new released by the Fleur de Corail publishing company.


The best Christmas windows contest in St Barts


On December the 23th 201, the jury of the St Barts Tourism Board has revealed the name of the laureate of the best Christmas windows.

Many retailers of St Barts have been part of the competition and many imaginative and funny contributions have been judged.

The result have been publicly announced on the quai du general de Gaulle in Gustavia. In Gustavia, the prize has been awarded to Méli Mélo shop, in St Jean, to the Marché aux fleurs shop. Each of these shop managers have received an ipad.


Coast rescuers: two new firemen for St Barts


Alice Questel and Fabrice Questel have both successfully passed the exam to graduate the SAV 2. They are now able to proceed to sea rescues.

They have attended a two days training in Guadeloupe, in Vieux habitants and in Eaux de Bouillantes.

It has been a very tough training as the weather conditions were bad, but it gives our two firemen the competences to rescue people who are endangers off the shore.


New project for Haiti in St Barts


After helping to build a new school and houses in Damas in Haiti, thee collectivity of St Barts is once again solicited by this suburb of the capital Port-au-Prince.

A strong relation now exist between the population of Damas and the volunteers who invest a lot of energy to aid this island that has been so severely hurt by so many earthquakes.

“The story can’t stop here” rightly declared Yves Gréaux, the vice-president of the collectivity of St Barts.


A chain of heart between St Barts and Haiti


After the tragic earthquake that has hit Haiti in the early 2010, the collectivity of St Barts and numerous volunteers have decided to join to rebuild a school and living places in Damas, a suburb of the capital Port-au-Prince.


Colorful St Barts


The Association for Environment and Sustainable Development in St Barts had an interesting, ludic, pedagogic and ecologist initiative. What is it all about?



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