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They made St Barts their home


The boom of tourism and of the economy of St Barts has started in 1957, when David Rockefeller bought a 27 hectares estate.

His neighbors in Manhattan and his friends all over the world rapidly followed him.

The island of St Barts progressively became an exceptional place for wealthy tourist in search of a safe and discreet family atmosphere

The old east coast families were later joined by European families and entertainment industry moguls and stars.

Along this upscale clientele, honeymooners’ tourism also flourished.


St Barts Music Festival: Chris Layton


Chris Layton is a talented representative of the American music.

This drummer has been a member of the group animated by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Double Trouble.

He has been one of the co-founder of the group in 1978, leaving it in 1990 after the death of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

He later worked with Buddy Guy, David Grissom and Charlie Sexton.

Chris Layton was on stage during the great free concert of the St Barts Music Festival on January the 21st on the port of Gustavia, along many others musicians, guitar players and singers.


St Barts Music Festival: Johnny Lang


Johnny Lang is a precocious multitalented artist.

He is a singer, an author, and a composer. He can work on gospel, blues, rock and soul music as well.

He was only 15 when he first recorded with A&M records.

In 1998, he recorded for the same company the title, “Wander this World”, which was nominated for the Grammy Awards.

Johnny Lang played with the greatest groups and the most renowned artists, Aerosmith, Sting, Santana or the Rolling Stones.


St Barts Music Festival: Russ Irwin


Russ Irwin is a very talented musician. He can play many instruments, especially the guitar or the piano. He's also a composer.

Therefore, this is no surprise that this multi talented instrumentist has worked with the most prestigious groups and artist of Rock and Pop music.

Among others, he's been working with Paul Stanley of Kiss, Aerosmith or Curt Smith of Tears for Fears.

Russ Irwin is also a regular of the international mega-shows like the MTV Music Award or the Super Bowl.


St Barts Music Festival: Brad Whitford


In 1971, after having answered a classified ad, this genial guitar player joined the group Aerosmith.

The rock band had found someone to take over from Ray Tabano who had quit.

Lack of recognition for his contribution to the band, as well as numerous drug issues within the group lead him to leave the group in 1979. However, three years later he joined the band again.

Brad Whitford was in St Barts on January 21st evening.


St Barts Music Festival: Steven Labrie


Steven Labrie is a baritone from Dallas. He studied in Philadelphia and graduated from the Vocal Arts Academy of the town.

He has already sung with the New Jersey Opera, the Opera of Dallas or the Opera of Santa Barbara.

His talent has been rewarded by the Metropolitan Opera National Council, or during the Dallas Opera Vocal Competition.

Along with many other internationally renowned artists, he staged in St Barts on January the 13th during the Opera evening in the church of Lorient.




St Barts Music Festival: Coline-Marie Orliac


Coline-Marie Orliac was an early gifted harpist, as she played her first concert at the age of seven.

She started to study music at the National Conservatory of Nice, and later she studied in Philadelphia, where she graduated from the Curtis Institute of Music.

She has played with the most famous orchestras in the world, such as the one of Philadelphia or Berlin. She also participated in various festivals such as the Aix en Provence Festival or the Spivakov Festival in Moscow.



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