They made St Barts their home


The boom of tourism and of the economy of St Barts has started in 1957, when David Rockefeller bought a 27 hectares estate.

His neighbors in Manhattan and his friends all over the world rapidly followed him.

The island of St Barts progressively became an exceptional place for wealthy tourist in search of a safe and discreet family atmosphere

The old east coast families were later joined by European families and entertainment industry moguls and stars.

Along this upscale clientele, honeymooners’ tourism also flourished.

In 1963, they were only 310 tourists and a few hundred of boats visitors. Today, the figure has reached 300 000.

Nowadays, the port of Gustavia harbours some of the most beautiful ships in the world and most of the luxury brand have a shop in St Barts.

Yourself can also choose to make beautiful St Barts island your home, for a few days or for a few months, by renting one of its many villas !



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