St Barts Music Festival: Ryland Angel


Ryland angel is a countertenor from Great Britain.

He started his career as a member of a liturgics choir, first at the cathedral of Bristol and then at the cathedral of Chester.

Ryland Angel began to study law, but he rapidly focused on his real passion, singing.

During his brilliant career, he participated to many prestigious concert, giving him the opportunity to share works with famous artists.

Among others things, he played Haendel at the Carneggie Hall in New York, and Orfeo of Verdi with the English National Opera. With his great talent, he has even been nominated for the Grammy Awards.

He also has worked for the cinema. He recently sang for the soundtrack of the movie “Henry IV”, directed by joe Baier.

He was on stage on January the 13th in Lorient with Denyce Graves, Sarah Joy Miller-Kabanuck, Steven Labrie and David Miller for the Opera evening.




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