New project for Haiti in St Barts


After helping to build a new school and houses in Damas in Haiti, thee collectivity of St Barts is once again solicited by this suburb of the capital Port-au-Prince.

A strong relation now exist between the population of Damas and the volunteers who invest a lot of energy to aid this island that has been so severely hurt by so many earthquakes.

“The story can’t stop here” rightly declared Yves Gréaux, the vice-president of the collectivity of St Barts.

Many humanitarian projects can be sponsored plain ones but also more expensive one. Grains mill or water pumps can easily be financed and installed.

On the contrary, the project lead by the Monfortins fathers’ congregation is more ambitious. They aim to build a new school, a concrete building. The school would be build on a parcel that the fathers already owns near port-au-Prince.

We deeply wish that this project will be as successful as the previous one.




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