A chain of heart between St Barts and Haiti


After the tragic earthquake that has hit Haiti in the early 2010, the collectivity of St Barts and numerous volunteers have decided to join to rebuild a school and living places in Damas, a suburb of the capital Port-au-Prince.

Not only the artisans and the handworkers who came from St Barts and St Marteen and some time even from mainland France but also the parents of the school of Lorient, the Rotary club, the Lions club and the Red Cross have joined to give resources and a logistic support. Many anonymous donors have also donated to make this project possible.

These are now 500 students who go to this school manage by the Sisters of St Paul de Delamas congregation.

After twenty months of works, this is now a fully new school with new furniture and material that has been inaugurated on September the 2nd. A very moving moment for all the participants, student and sisters, amazed by the success of this act of solidarity.




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